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SANIDRINK provides an innovative and sustainable solution, ensuring a higher healthiness of drinks stored for a long time in reusable bottles, used in daily life activities.
Since reusable bottles can be contaminated after only one sip, an antimicrobial straw can ensure greater control and reduction of the bacteria counts into the containers.

SANIDRINK owns a technology that is innovative, scalable, and secure with applications in food and biomedical fields.

SANIDRINK strategy offers an effective solution against the spread of pathogens.

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The innovative technology gives the product a very interesting sanitizing ability. This ensures a higher quality than that proposed by the competitor and in line with the environmental and eco-sustainability standards imposed by the European community.

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Medical devices


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SANIDRINK products, like antimicrobial reusable bottles, are designed for people that take care both of the environment and of their health by choosing eco-sustainable products.

They are particularly suitable for use in gyms, fitness centers, and swimming pools.
As reported in many microbiological studies, gym equipment harbors germs that may be harmful to humans. In this scenario, the sanitization of surfaces represents the only line of defense against infections.

SANIDRINK products could become a personal item for clients.


Although reusable water bottles represent an eco-sustainable choice, the storage of water in a closed system for several hours could be an enormous disadvantage. Moreover, the contact of water with saliva, rich in bacteria, causes excessive bacterial growth, and leads to the deterioration of microbial water quality during storage, making it less safe.

Food safety is a serious problem, especially for children who can contract and spread infections more seriously than adults. Thanks to its innovative straws, functionalized with antimicrobial peptides, SANIDRINK proposes smart solutions to keep bacteria counts low into the bottles, ensuring healthier water for a long time.

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Liquids stored into reusing bottles can be contaminated by harmful bacteria that could be the cause of infectious diseases. The main source of contamination of reusable bottles is a consequence of their continuous handling by users to drink or to fill them up.

SANIDRINK can counteract these risks, preventing water from being a vehicle for transmission of diseases.

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